We receive packages up to three (3) times per week. On a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

This is dependent on airline schedules and may be changed without notice.


Once received in Miami and processed, it can take 3-6 business days without airline delays.

Packages are usually available for pick the next day however, this process can take 24-48 hours.


This means the package has not been delivered to us as yet, you may need to give a little more time for it to get delivered or reach out to your Merchant.

The Miami Warehouse opens Monday - Friday from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm local time. Shipments arriving outside of these hours will be reattempted the next business day.


Storage fee begins 14days after holding your packages. The storage fee is $100 per day after 14 days. 

It can take 24-48 hours for your package to be processed and updated into the system. 

If you have any doubts about the weight of your packages you can re-weigh for packages at the time before collection in store. Any changes that will be made is substantiated by proof, please note we cannot honour any weight discrepancy after you have left our store location.

Yes, we do. The number to give to the merchant is  786-353-5995. Please note that this is not the number for customer support.

We have evolved our memberships to suit you better, and get automatic rewards in pricing the more you use our services!

Bronze - up to 50 shipments

Silver - up to 150 shipments

Gold- up to 300 shipments

Platinum + 300 shipments and over.

*When logged in rate calculator will use your current membership level*

We have implemented a new mode of operation as it pertains to Pre-alerts. Now, shipment invoicing and cost information are now attached directly to shipments, so the user is required to upload an invoice for each shipment.

Package status icons and meaning:-

Invoice Required:- this will require users to upload specific invoices and value (declared values) for each shipment, please note you will not be able to upload an invoice if you have failed to do so before the clearance in your host country. If for any reason there is technical difficulties, please open a ticket attaching a screenshot of these errors.

Clearing Without invoice:- This badge denotes failure to upload invoice , value or description(s) to the requisite shipment, leaving the value to be determined by referencing pricing online for the same item(s).

It is imperative you upload all invoice information as soon as the shipment is present in your dashboard or App.

Declared value:- The company's third-party agents use this information to provide insurance protection against damage for shipments sent. * To falsify this information may be detrimental to the user as we will not honour any claims outside of these value(s).

An invoice should entail

Customer's name                                           Shipping address

Quantity                                                           Unit Price

 Description of items                                       Shipping Method & Fees

                                                                         Sub-total or Total

Please note screenshots from popular apps should contain all the listed information in whichever format(s) the merchant uses.



Unfortunately, in such cases, we are not liable to retrieve or process such packages, our third-party arrangements ended over 90 Days ago and a new operator is in charge of the premises. If the order cannot be cancelled or re-routed by the supplier to our new address, your items may be lost, returned to sender, or unretrievable. Please make every effort to cancel any such or take the time to correct your shipping address on all your online accounts. 

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